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“Gazela” bridge and "Mostar" interchange reconstruction


“Gazela” bridge and


The issue of the “Gazela” bridge reconstruction was the infrastructural priority in previous decade, and finally the long awaited and many times delayed reconstruction begun in july 2010. This problematic reconstruction had 3 stumbling points: illegal Roma settlement, bad coordination of the authorities and constantly growing reconstruction costs. After the successful removal of the Roma settlement under the bridge in August 2010, conditions to start the reconstruction were there.

This represented the first thorough reconstruction of "Gazela" bridge since 1970s when it was constructed. "Gazela" bridge with "Mostar" interchange is a part of the City's highway and the most utilized bridge on Sava river.

In the first phase of reconstruction, which was performed in the summer of 2010 works were completed on the reconstruction access ramps. After completing the first phase in October, there was a 5 month period of lower intensity works during winter, and in March 2011 started the most demanding part of the renovation. This included total reconstruction of the bridge structure, which held traffic across this bridge in a special regime for almost nine months. This caused many traffic problems and congestions, but after a thorough renovation all six lanes were again in use by November 2012.

The contractor on this project was Austrian "Strabag" in cooperation with Serbian "Mostogradnja". The price of this reconstruction has been estimated at EUR 60 million.


Republic of Serbia and City of Belgrade


Sava River


July 2010 start, Mostar Interchange finished in mid 2012 and Gazela Bridge opened in November 2012

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