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Ada Bridge north access - Lot 1


    Ada Bridge north access - Lot 1


    In the autumn of 2016 started the second construction phase of the Ada bridge northern access road. The construction of the LOT1 section includes construction of 2km-long expessway with three large intersections and several entry/exit ramps.

    The newly built section is only partially elevated, since it includes only one viaduct crossing. This means extension of the existing LOT2 viaduct for about 400 meters, above Djordje Stanojevic street, after which the bridge structure finally slopes down to the ground level. After that, route of the new expressway intersect Crvene armije boulevard, Omladinskih brigada street and Tosin bunar street, but on the ground level and regulated by traffic lights.

    Together with already finished LOT2 section, this phase completes the project of the Ada Bridge access roads, a 3 km-long expressway connecting Ada bridge and Tosin bunar street. This phase of the Ada bridge northern access construction is worth EUR 13.5 million and the contractor is Spanish company “Construcciones Rubau S.A '”.


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    Ada Bridge north access - Lot 1

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    Ada Bridge north access - Lot 1