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Aviv Park Zvezdara


Aviv Park Zvezdara


In early 2014 the investors announced a multipurpose project that is located on the corner of streets Živka Davidovića and Virpazarska on Zvezdara, accross the street from "Rudo" towers and close to the tram terminus in Ustanička Street. This investment comes as a continuation of a successful performance on the market by the Israeli company "Aviv Arlon," which is already known for its retail park in Pančevo.

The building of retail center in Zvezdara will occupy 13,000 square meters of gross built space (GLA 11.500m2) with supermarket on 2,500 square meters and a number of other shops and facilities on four floors. This retail city center will also includes underground garage with over 200 parking spaces and about 50 other places on open public parking lots around it. Since this end of town does not have modern facilities of this kind, and it’s located near large residential areas in Konjarnik and Ustanička Street, this will be a good functional addition to the neighborhood.

The construction of commercial property is only the first stage, because the project is developed as a combined commercial and residential complex. According to the investors, the next phase will include construction of the residential wing within the same architectural whole. The planned construction of two buildings with 70 residential units will also complement the development of the block and its functions.


Aviv Arlon, Israel


Belgrade, Konjarnik area


late autumn 2015 (first phase)

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