Beko Complex


    Beko Complex


    The project of residential and business complex in the place of former industrial plant "Beko" is making next stage towards realization. Recently the investor presented a preliminary design of the project for the public review. The design of future multifunctional complex at the foot of the Kalemegdan fortress is an artwork of the renowned Zaha Hadid architectural studio from London.

    The proposed facility will occupy the 94,000 square meters, which is somewhat lower than the prescribed maximum, and will consist of three functional units: the residential part, a hotel and office segment with commercial space. As this is only the preliminary design, the interior of the complex is not yet organized, but it is known that the hotel will be in the premium segment with 5 stars, and belong to one of the famous hotel franchises.

    Investor is currently working on market analysis and other preparations for the organization of the residential part of the complex, including a range of sizes, forms and functional characteristics of the object. The exclusivity of the building announces the highest standards of construction and sustainability. For these purposes, drilling and research was done on the possibility of building wells, rainwater collection systems and the exploitation of solar energy.

    Planned distribution of space in the complex:

    Residential space - gross area of ~35.000m2

    Exclusive penthouses - gross area of ~5.400m2

    Department Store - gross area of ~9.200m2

    Ground floor retail space of ~3.500m2

    Commercial space - gross area of ~11.400.m2

    Hotel, spa and conference - gross area of ~25.800m2

    Serviced apartments - gross area of ~3.700m2

    Underground level ~50.000m2



    Lamda Develpoment


    Dorćol (near Kalemegdan fortress), Belgrade


    The total gross area of the complex ~ 94.000m2



    Beko Project - Visualisations