Centre for the Promotion of Science


    Centre for the Promotion of Science


    After almost 30 years, this September saw announcement for an international competition for conceptual design of the Centre for Promotion of Science in New Belgrade’s block 39. Professional community has shown great interest in this competition in which they received 232 entries from 47 countries worldwide. The winner of international competition for the architectural design of the Centre for the Promotion of Science in Belgrade Block 39 is Austrian architect Wolfgang Tschapeller, which by international election commission offered the best solution to meet the needs of its function and location in which the object is being located.

    Austrian architect offered a unique solution in which object will have two main levels to include exhibition space, conference rooms, science labs and planetarium.

    As highlighted when the competition was announced, construction of the center will cost 20 million euros for which the funds will be secured by loans with the European Investment Bank as part of the investment program for scientific infrastructure. It was announced that the project documentation will be completed by spring 2011, when the start of construction of the center is planned. The completion of the building is optimistically scheduled for 2012 year.

    The completion of the international competition made the first significant step to build a modern facility that will bring together content from the sciences, arts, and will become a sort of seat of scientific and educational institutions.


    Ministry of Science and Technological Development


    New Belgrade, Block 39


    29,000 square meters



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    Updated on August 22th, 2012