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    City Gallery


    At the end of March year 2007 a plan was voted upon for the detailed regulation of Republic Square which consisted of the proposed, now partially changed, plan for the new gallery on the square. When the competition for the gallery's design was launched there was no urban plan which would outline in detail the surroundings of the central city square, so this has meant that the gallery had to be partially changed in order to fit the new plan.

    In the detailed regulations for the square the boundaries of the gallery have been narrowed so the space in front of Dom Vojske will be preserved. The gallery will be open and communicative, achieved through the use of transparent materials. The entrance will have a communication function as a link between people and the exhibition space. The open central space that existed in the previous design of the gallery will be replaced with an imposing ‘rock’ that will be the heart of this attractive building. Inside there will be exhibition space that will be entered through ramp which will go around the ‘rock’ from bottom floor all the way to the roof. Because of the reduction in width, gallery had successful transformation in height that highlights the circle around the National Theatre.

    The building itself will have around 20 000 sqm in size, with a lot of space underground (around 8 000 sqm). The building will have garages for the employees, depots, a cinema and other cultural contents. The entire ground floor will make one completely accessible and transparent internal square. Also the plan is that this year starts the so long delayed demolition of ‘Staklenac’ which would free the space for construction to start. The urban plan for Republic Square will be on public display very soon, and in order to launch the tender for the design and later for the construction of this building after the end of the deadline period.

    In general this project marks a great step forward in the architectural landscape of Belgrade. This gallery will be among the first public buildings that will have the chance to develop into representative showpiece of modern architecture of the capital.

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    Construction of 20000 square metres of gallery space

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