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Crowne Plaza


Crowne Plaza


The largest five-star hotel in Belgrade will be closed over the next year due to renovation and modernization, and after the reconstruction it will operate under "Crowne Plaza" brand.

New "Crowne Plaza" will have 417 rooms, 14 conference rooms as well as a choice of restaurants and bars. In addition to a complete renovation of the building interior and installations, spacious glass façade will also be replaced. The glass panels over 30 years old will be replaced with a new glass facade with a significantly better energy performance. As the building is protected, a new three-layer glass panels will be exactly the same with the old ones in color and shape. As for the interior, there won’t be any significant interventions as it is built to the highest standards, so that 33 years later no functional adjustments are necessary.

Giant among Belgrade hotels has an impressive 416 rooms, 12 conference halls, as well as a selection of restaurants and bars. The rooms are categorized into two groups, the "standard" and "club", with an exclusive "Royal suit" in offer covering 157 m2. Hotel also offers specialized "quiet rooms" that guarantee rooms free of noise and disturbance.

The hotel is a small convention center for itself, with 12 conference halls and a number of meeting rooms. All facilities are equipped with high quality equipment for this purpose. In addition to these facilities, guests will also have access to a spa, gym and swimming pool.


Delta Real Estate


Block 19, New Belgrade


33.000 square meters


Reconstruction start in mid 2012, finished in december 2013

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