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EDB Block 32


    EDB Block 32


    In New Belgrade's Block 32, next to the Telecom Serbia building began the construction of a smaller facility with combined energy-commercial purpose. It is primarily important as a major electric substation (110/10 kV), which should relieve the network and provide a stable supply, and then as an accompanying office space. Therefore, the implementation of the first phase, which started in August 2014, involve only the commissioning of the energy part of the building, while the office part will be brought to purpose later.

    The building is not large in size, as well as the plot on which it is located. In total it will have 7,723 square meters of which the substation will occupy about 2,000 square meters. These squares are divided into one underground and five floors above ground (Bs + Gf + 4). Substation transformer equipment will be located in the basement, while the aboveground is planned as modern office space. The project is implemented by EDB(Electrical distribution of Belgrade), and in their systematization this substation will be marked as "Beograd 41".

    The construction of facility in block 32 has a completion deadline of two years, and at this stage involves only the substation and the office building without finishing works. The project was developed by "Mašinoprojekt Kopring" and "Power Comm", while the contractor on the energy part of the complex is "Electromontaza".


    EDB (Belgrade Electrical Distribution)


    New Belgrade’s block 32




    August 2016.

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