Engel Dorcol Marina


Engel Dorcol Marina


According to the detail regulatory plan for the central zone of the Dorcol Marina, this zone is set aside for the construction of a city centre, with commericial and accompanying features, including sports objects, nautical centre, jacht club, reception, hangar, workshop, etc.

The land provided to Engel Marina Dorcol has a total area of 25 700 square meters and is planned for construction of up to 76000 square meteres of building space or 60800 square meters of useable space within the two plots of land. Parcel 1, with an area of 21000 sqm, will have 27000 sqm of business-commercial space built on it or 21600 square metres of useable space as well as 43000 sqm of residential space or 34400 square meters of useable residential space. Parcel B2, with a land area of 4700 sqm, is expected to have 6000 square metres of business-services space or 4800 sqm of useable space.

For the parking of vehicles, at least 1162 parking spaces are required in garages that are to accompany the built buildings or on open parking areas. 540 spots are needed for the residential buildings along with 432 for the business buildings and 190 for the marina.

It is the responsibility of the company to create an urban project for the entire territory and an aquarium within the borders of the plan and according to the detailed regulatory plan for the area. The company is also responsible for restoring the marina pool, constructing a fitted shoreline, create 150 spots in the inner marina for boats, and construct dual purpose parking, while maintaining, reconstructing, and integrating the pumping stations and crane into the new modern centre.

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The project is located in northern centre of Belgrade City, Danube Bank

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