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EPS/EDB complex Block 20


EPS/EDB complex Block 20

The new business center being built in New Belgrade’s block 20, next to the building of “Rad” company. It is an energy-business complex that will become the new administrative headquarters of EPS (Electric Power Industry of Serbia) and EDB (Belgrade Electrical Distribution), including infrastructure facility for a system transformer (110/10 kV, 2x40 MVA,). The building is being built to consolidate the technical and business functions of EPS, which is still taking place at multiple locations with a number of logistical and financial problems.

The plot on which the building will be located is taking part of the block along the Vladimira Popovica Street. Spatially and functionally, this complex is divided into five connected wings of which transformer substation is already completed. EDB began building alone on the site in 1988, but it was completed in two phases only in part of electrical substation (which is one of the largest in Belgrade), and has not continued in the 90’s due to the crisis. That’s why this exclusive block of New Belgrade remained unfinished until 2007 when they made a decision to complete the entire complex. The constructed object is object A in the systematization of the complex and in addition to a sub-station it will contain associated technical facilities, ITC center and backup dispatch center of EDB. Then the object B, or office part of the complex, which will house dispatch center and ITC for EPS, and offices of EPS and EDB. Buildings C, D and E are underground facilities with garage, shelter, transport links and technical areas.

The projected gross area of the complex is 42 250 m2, which includes the external and connecting facilities, and an gross area of technical and commercial buildings A and B is about 30,000 m2.

EPS (Electric Power Industry of Serbia) and EDB (Belgrade Electrical Distribution)

New Belgrade’s block 20

30,000 m2

According to the officials, the deadline for completing the first phase of construction is May 2012 and a final deadline for the entire complex is 24-30 months depending on the implementation of tender procedures and planning and financial capabilities of EPS.

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