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Jurija Gagarina Interchange


Jurija Gagarina Interchange


At the end of June 2011, administration completed the tender process for contractors to build new northern access roads to the bridge over Ada – so called 'Yuri Gagarin' intersection. The contractor is Austrian company “Porr”, which has a contractual obligation to complete the construction of this intersection within 400 days of signing the contract. The price of construction of the northern access point offered during the tender amounted to 40.8 million Euro.

The priority at this site is to complete certain relevant parts of the complex intersection, which will allow traffic access to the bridge and exit to the Boulevard of Yuri Gagarin. The completion of these segments of the junction will make bridge operational, while the rest of the viaduct and other entry/exit ramps are being finished. During construction of the Jurija Gagarina Interchange in Novi Beograd, Doka's load-bearing tower (Staxo 100) was used as a high-load falsework for the approaching road.

The construction of the first phase of the intersection and completion of the entry ramp to the bridge from the direction of Yuri Gagarin street, and exit ramps from the bridge towards Sava Center will create the basic functionality of the bridge by the end of 2011. The full completion of the traffic hubs, including the rail corridors, will be implemented in accordance with the deadlines specified in the contract.


City of Belgrade


Sava River, near Ada Ciganlija


Start in 2011 - Finished in 2013

Projekti: Poslednje objave

C1 - Vozdove Kapije

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