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Kalemegdan Park Apartments


Kalemegdan Park Apartments

The location is in a historical centre of Belgrade, across the street from Kalemegdan Park and 2 minutes walk from Belgrade’s main pedestrian street, Knez Mihajlova. It is envisaged to have 13 master apartments (up to 352 sq/m) with a view on a park and 21 lux apartment (80-105 sq/m) with a back street view. On both sides from the main entrance there will be retail space.

The building will have reception, 24/7 security, SPA and fitness center, wine cellar with tavern and every master apartment will have installed service elevator in the kitchen. All apartments will have modern modular system of wireless sockets, first class air-condition system, Wi-Fi, floor and radiator heating etc. garage will have 2 entrances from Cara Urosa street and it will have 4 levels.

MPC Properties

Old City, across the street from Kalemegdan Park.

12 100 square meters (GBA)

Start - 2008, End - stopped indefinitely

Projekti: Poslednje objave


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