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Kralja Aleksandra Boulevard : Reconstruction 2010


Kralja Aleksandra Boulevard : Reconstruction 2010


The reconstruction project affected a 2.5 km long section of the thoroughfare, between Vukov Spomenik and Gospodara Vucica Street. It will includes new tram lines, underground installations, sidewalks and restoration of the road surface.

During the six-month reconstruction over 2500 meters of tram infrastructure will be replaced, together with new pavements, street signalisation and lighting. The reconstruction will also include revitalisation of the entire underground infrastructure; 4300 meters of water-mains and 2700 meters of heating pipes - affecting more than 900 households.

The electrical and telecommunication cables will be relocated and also protected. A controversial intervention on the boulevard's tree lines was conducted, with more than 320 trees permanently removed, while 55 will be relocated and 48 protected during this reconstruction. The City officials said that 591 new trees was planted along the boulevard as soon as all construction works were completed.


City of Belgrade


Kralja Aleksandra Boulevard


February 2010 start, finished September 2010

Projekti: Poslednje objave


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