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National Museum Reconstruction


    National Museum Reconstruction

    Up until World War II museum was housed in the Novi Dvor building, but after the liberation it moved into the building of Hipotekarna banka, in today's Republic Square, where he remained until now. This was exactly the building which was subject of competition for adaptations, in order to provide even better functionality and provide more exhibition space for extra large and almost priceless collection that the museum owns. The museum is now closed to visitors for 8 years, and during that time there was several attempts to find a solution that would provide the necessary conditions to preserve and display cultural treasures.

    Conceptual design Vladimir Lojanica and his team involves increasing the exhibition space for more than a third, and other modifications will offer significantly more space and improved working conditions for other services. The extension would be located below the plateau to the Republic Square, and the museum atrium is to be placed under the roof, which will provide even more space. Asymmetric exhibition space and a prominent feature of the main staircase gives a special ambience for all visitors, but reconstruction also includes other content that should enrich the experience for all guests.

    National Museum of Belgrade

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