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PSP Farman Complex - West 65


    PSP Farman Complex - West 65


    The project is under construction in New Belgrade's block 65, on the corner of Omladinskih Brigada Street and future route of the inner city half ring road (UMP), holding impressive 152.437 m2 of residential and office space. The buildings making this complex vary in height and form, so they break the usual uniformity of the New Belgrade’s blocks. The land lot for this development covers an area of 30.316 m2 and it is planned to construct 106.106 m2 of space above ground and another 46.331 m2 in underground floors including an underground garage with 545 parking places.

    The space in the buildings will be organized in 514 residential units and 100 commercial units, where entire office and business apartment segment will hold 37.058 sqm. For the extensive in-situ concreting works on this site, the contractor is relying on the reliable formwork technology of the Doka Frami and Doka Xtra to achieve time schedule as 75% of the equipment could be removed early and used in the next casting section.

    This complex is clearly divided into two sections, where in one dominates residential space while other houses large shopping center and office tower with offices and business apartments. It is interesting that when this tower is finished, it will be the tallest building of that kind in Belgrade with 39 floors and 146 meters tall structure.

    According to the investors, they had special demand with the designers to bring the spirit of old town to New Belgrade. The complex will fully use all the advantages of comfort and privacy that offers life in New Belgrade, but also it will have features characteristic for the old town like small squares and pedestrian areas. This is especially visible in the design and function of the ground floors. The architectural solution was made by London studio "Fletcher Priest".

    The construction is planned in two phases, where the first phase will include the construction of the residential section of the complex on the opposite side of Omladinskih brigada Street, while the second phase will cover the construction of the shopping mall and office tower.


    PSP-Farman Holding


    Block 65, New Belgrade


    152.437 sq/m


    The first phase(residential part) commenced in September 2010. It will be performed in stages, while the starting dates are not yet set for the office tower and shopping mall.

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