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Radnicka Interchange


    Radnicka Interchange


    According to the tender documentation, City of Belgrade will finance the construction of "Radnička" interchange with 65 million Euros in order to connect the new Ada bridge with the "Hipodrom" intersection. The contract has been signed and construction duties has been assigned to PORR, Austrian company which is already engaged in the construction of the new Ada bridge.

    The construction of southern access ramp has been split into two phases, where the first one correlates with opening of the new bridge itself, planned for the end of 2011. The 1st phase is meant to make the bridge functional, which means completed access ramps between Radnička street and Ada Bridge, toghether with the connection towards the "Hipodrom" intersection.

    While the bridge is operational for vehicles to go across, the construction will reach second phase, which includes works on the circular junction with access ramps. The overall term for the completion of phase one is 400 days. Customized solutions with large shifting units of Doka large area formwork (Top 50) maximize utilization of the equipment, shorten the repositioning and setting-up times and thus site forming costs.


    City of Belgrade


    Čukarica, near Ada Ciganlija


    Starts in 2011 to be finished in 2013

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    Radnicka Interchange

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    Radnicka Interchange

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