Sava City


Sava City


Business complex within Block 20 ,between prestigious of the GENEX apartments, the “Intercontinental” and the “Hyatt” hotels, and in the vicinity of the neighbouring “Sava Centar”is supposed to be the first elite residental-business New Belgrade area, realized to incorporate the standards the first class architecture has been in place, including modern construction, modern technological equipment and high aesthetic of the ground floor, business, pedestrian and green areas.

The ground floors of both functions are aimed to business, trade, tourism, catering, culture and other aspects. Lower ground floors in business premises and residential apartments are aimed for parking places, by vertical communications bound both to business premises and residential apartments.The lower garage level is an additional parking area.

The location organization is on three objects: business apartments P+M+9+Ps (ground floor, mezzanine, withdrawn floor) + tower in three levels and business objects P+ M+7+Ps ( ground floor,mezzanine,withdrawn floor). The advantage of this concept is a possibility of organizing objects in more independent unites which can be separated to more individual users, and within the object, different contents and aims can be organized.

The apartments offer various possibilities of space organization with always a strong living room, facing to the nicest views of Belgrade , both to the new and to the old part, and as well to the river that separates them, and to the bridges that bound them.


CA Immo


The project is located in block 20, New Belgrade


35 000 square metres of office and residential space


Construction started in 2006, finishing time beginning of 2010