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Tri Lista Duvana


    Tri Lista Duvana

    The location of the office project called, ’Tri Lista Duvana’ is considered one of the best positioned lots in central Belgrade. It is situated on the corner of Kneza Milosa street and Kralja Aleksandra boulevard and overlooks some of the Belgrade’s most important buildings – City Council and its park, main Post building as well as the most important government building, Serbian Parilament.

    According to urban plans, this piece of land is part of premium commercial and business area. For that reason it is planned to build center with combined functionality: retail on the ground floor and office space above. The asset is an 8 storey building with more than 7,500 m2 of high quality, flexible office space, and 800 m2 of prime ground floor retail.

    MPC Properties

    Corner of Kralja Aleksandra boulevard and Kneza Miloša street.

    17 300 square meters (GBA)

    Construction started in Summer 2007, construction stopped indefinitely in 2010.

    Projekti: Poslednje objave


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