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Verano Business Centre - Trosarina


    Verano Business Centre - Trosarina

    The land is located in a densely populated residential just, 5-6 km from downtown Belgrade, to which it is very well connected by bus and tram lines. in its vicinity are densely populated suburban housing projects, as well as a major traffic turning point for buses and trams - Trosarina: The highway is also near. Near this terrain is situated the largest Peugeot show room - Blue Box in the country, also owned by the Verano Group.

    The surface area of the terrain is three hectares. The facilities that are currently on it are planned for demolition and potential investors can use them accordingly to their needs. The location is suitable for the construction of a business center, a shopping mall or a multiplex cinema, considering the fact that nothing of the kind is to be found in its vicinity.

    Being only a five-minute drive away from downtown and combining all comforts of condominium-style living, including underground garage, spa, services, retail, this residential project will introduce a new lifestyle concept to Belgrade and give many opportunities to young, business and family oriented tenants.

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