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Verano Tower in Blok 34


Verano Tower in Blok 34


The terrain is located in the Novi Beograd municipality that with its 600 000 inhabitants is the largest in Belgrade. It is situated adjacent to the highway leading to the airport. In near of the highway is the new traffic loop linking it to a housing project, as well as the recently finished Belgrade Arena. The latter has 20 000 seats and 55 000 m² of business space and represents the center of future sporting and other cultural events, being the largest sports arena in this part of Europe.

Owning land in its vicinity opens a wide range of possibilities to future investors. In the wider surroundings of this terrain are the construction sites of residential and business facilities, which illustrate well the increased growth of this area.

The total surface area of the land is 1,54 hectares. Due to its position and the vicinity of main traffic arteries and the airport, it is best for the building of a hotel or business center.


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Blok 34 New Belgrade







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