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Vojvode Stepe St.


    Vojvode Stepe St.


    The complete reconstruction of underground and above-ground infrastructure will last a full year, and it will be carried out through six stages in eight sections. The total length of the section to be reconstructed is approximately 4.5 kilometers and includes part of this thoroughfare from Autokomanda to the tram terminus at Banjica.

    As this street is an important tram corridor, the reconstruction in that sense is more complex and includes some significant changes in the future traffic regulation. Just like during the reconstruction of King Alexander Boulevard, the tram corridor will be moved to the center of the carriageway, which will effectively reregulate traffic towards more efficient tram transport. Tram tracks that were positioned on the edges with parking spaces along the street created a big problem for the smooth flow of trams, who often had to stop for parking cars. Efficient functioning of trams here is important, especially in a part of town that has significantly increased its density in recent years.

    As already stated, it is a total reconstruction which involves a complete renovation of all underground and above-ground infrastructure. It includes reconstruction of tramlines, tramlines new drainage, pavement and sidewalks, new central contact network, new lighting, traffic signals and equipment, and utility infrastructure. It was designed to have extra 275 new parking spaces.

    The value of this reconstruction is estimated at EUR 19 million. The works will be financed by the EBRD loan and the budget of Belgrade. The project was developed by CIP Institute, and the works are contracted to the Belgrade-Slovenian consortium "Ratko Mitrovic Construction" and "SZ ŽGP Ljubljana" .


    City of Belgrade


    Vojvode Stepe St., Voždovac, Belgrade


    Started in July 2014, finished in August 2015

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    Vojvode Stepe St.

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