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Zemun - Borča Bridge


Zemun - Borča Bridge


In the current state of traffic infrastructure in Belgrade there is only one operational bridge across the Danube River, Pancevo Bridge, the only road and rail link connecting Danube banks in span of 110km of the river flow. The General Urban Plan of Belgrade envisaged the bridge over the Danube in position between Zemun and Borca districts. In cooperation with Chinese construction companies and banks started the preparations for this major project that will allow better distribution of transit traffic and better functioning of traffic in wider metropolitan area.

The project of Zemun-Borca bridge should also be viewed in the broader context of the future transit route named "Northern tangent". This ring road will be 21.2 km long and it will directly connect roads T6, intersecting Zrenjaning road, all the way to reach Pancevo highway. According to plan, that is not the end of this traffic ring, because it will enable yet another Danube bridge crossing near Ada Huja, merging the “Norther Tangent” with the main route of “Outer Tangent” and Sumadija districts of Belgrade.

The "Northern tangent" project will also include eight smaller bridge structures varying in length from 35 to 545 meters crisscrossing the canals, roads and railways.

Zemun-Borca bridge will be 1482 meters long. The cross section of the bridge consists of three car lanes 3.5 meters wide and pedestrian-bicycle paths on both sides. The bridge was designed as a continuous girder of post-tensioned concrete with two independent bridge structures 14 meters wide, in both directions. The bridge surface will cover an area of 41,350 square meters.


Republic of Serbia and City of Belgrade


Danube River, Zemun and Borca river banks


2011 start, finished in 2014

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Zemun - Borča Bridge

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